Making modern hearings work

Whether in court or online, the eTrailToolKit will deliver efficiency, effectiveness and strategic benefits for everyone involved
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introducing the etrialtoolkit

Manage electronic evidence for hearings with unparalleled ease

The eTrialToolkit is the proven Canadian solution for courts, tribunals, administrative boards, and arbitrations that makes eFiling, presentation, and management of court records seamless. Our team can support you throughout the entire process with training, custom configuration, and more.

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eFiling and courtroom management

eFile evidence in advance or upload during the proceedings

Effortly view PDFs, native files, video, and more

In the eTrialToolkit you can view any files that will open on your device

Private and secure, with no per-document fees

eTrialToolkit is hosted in Canada, and we don't limit your case size

The #1 eTrial solution for large cases and unique configurations

The eTrialToolkit expertly handles large data volumes, preserves metadata, and has advanced search capabilities, making it ideal for cases with hundreds, thousands, or millions of documents.

The standard configuration has been refined with input from decades of users, however we recognize that your case may have unique requirements. We are prompt and responsive in configuring the eTrialToolkit to the needs of the court and parties in question. Our clients tell us this service is priceless.

Leverage specific roles and functions for every member of your hearing process

eTrialToolkit has been used in courts and hearings across the country, and works for every member of the proceedings. Explore the roles below

Litigate with confidence.

Prepare and present your evidence, securely share exhibits with opposing counsel, all while maintaining privacy and security.

Make your case with more efficiency and persuasiveness thanks to the use of the eTrialToolkit. Compared with paper, electronic evidence is faster and more powerful in presentation.

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Manage electronic evidence. Stamp and store exhibits.

Utilize built in security and rules that reflect the needs of the court. Management and control of court processes, marking of exhibits as adduced, creation of the List of Exhibits and other practical benefits.

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Make private notes, manage your court

Use the eTrialToolkit any time thanks to 24/7 access from anywhere there is an internet connection. Exhibits are available in real time as marked during the hearing. Further, take advantage of analytical tools to support evidence assessment and deliberations throughout the process.

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Read the case study of a mid-trial switch to eTrialToolkit in the Alderville litigation

Discovery why the use of the eTrialToolKit in this landmark trial has been recognized for its innovation and leadership, and for the application of technology and response to the needs of all in the courtroom.

Import from any legal software

The eTrialToolkit can import load files from any litigation or eDiscovery software seamlessly, preserving metadata and coding in the process
Nuix Discover
Nuix Discover
REDI Analysis
Opentext Axcelerate
Microsoft Sharepoint
EDT Software
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A versatile solution with many applications

The eTrialToolkit can be deployed in the format that best suits your needs, whatever they may be
Arbitration and mediation
Virtual trials
Court case management
One-off litigation
Witness examination
Administrative boards and tribunals

Praise from our clients

eTrialToolkit is trusted by courts, tribunals, and lawyers around the world, and they say great things about us.
I don’t know how I will ever do a trial without this system. LOL It is fantastic!
Toolkit being used! Works like a charm, the whole room is impressed.
Court Registrar
I think everyone continues to be quite happy with the DB. Things generally are pretty smooth in court.

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