Partnership Program

Designed to help users get the most out of the eTrialToolkit, our Partnership Program personalizes our customer experience and supports consultants and other professionals who work with users and want to grow their businesses.

Help make hearings better for everyone

Our partners work with us because they can trust us to deliver great service to their clients. Partner with eTrialToolkit to give your community the best in trial presentation software.

  • Virtual hearings
  • Digital case system
  • Trial presentation
  • Custom solutions

The eTrialToolkit Partner Program is designed for

Law firm consultants

Consultants who work with law firms

Business and IT consultants

Consultants in information and business technology


Bookkeepers and advisors in the legal space

Legal community influencers

Individuals who drive the industry forward

Courts & administrative tribunals

Legal or non-legal hearing organizations

Clients and more!

If you are a fan of the toolkit, you may be eligible

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Experts in legal software solutions. Master your electronic evidence with our suite of eDiscovery, court presentation, and data intelligence tools, supported by a team with decades of experience in legal technology and electronic evidence.

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Why partner with eTrialToolkit?

Give your clients the best

Offer your trusted clients the leader in eTrials, virtual hearings, and Digital Case Management

Grow your business

Earn a fair share of the revenue from your network. Refer clients to eTrialToolkit, and we’ll take it from there.

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